IGNOU LEARNER CHARTER Our Students Are Our Family

IGNOU LEARNER CHARTER: Indira Gandhi National Open University officially announced the  preamble for the IGNOU Students. IGNOU Learner Charter is an event to raise awareness among IGNOU Students about the below given points.



  1. Nationally and internationally acclaimed academic programmes offered by IGNOU, leading to the award of degrees, diplomas and certificates.
  2. Dignity, respect and opportunities of lifelong learning through access to quality higher education at affordable costs without any restriction with regard to age, gender, geographical location, employment and economic status.
  3. A learner centred-environment which is open, accessible, planned to promote independent, autonomous, self directed learning at one’s own pace and place.
  4. Providing technology-enabled learning at the doorsteps of the learners through a combination of multiple media namely: printed self-learning materials (SLM), e-SLM, radio broadcast, telecast, webcast, Massive Online Open Courses, OERs, web enabled academic support (WEAS) etc.
  5. Updated learning outcome-based curricula which is targeted at knowledge attainment, critical and analytical thinking, application in real world situations, hands on training, skill development and employability.
  6. Access to learner support services through multi-channels providing face to face and online counselling, tutoring and mentoring to overcome individual, academic and administrative barriers to learning.
  7. Access the University, Pan- India/overseas through its Headquarters, Regional Centres, Learner Support Centres and Overseas Centres.
  8. Equal and fair treatment without any discrimination/ prejudice based on gender, religion, ethnicity, caste, creed, social and economic status, region, sexual orientation, disability, etc.
  9. Availability of relevant information and updates through different channels to support the learning endeavour.
  10. An opportunity to be heard and right to appeal through an effective, transparent and time-bound grievance redressal mechanism.

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IGNOU learners are expected to follow this Learner Charter. IGNOU Learners shall:

  • Respect the IGNOU Act, Statutes and Ordinances of the University.
  • Adhere to the University’s policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Visit university website regularly / periodically for getting updated information regarding various schedules of activities.
  • Comply with the academic calendar from the time of admission to completion.
  • Engage in learning activities in a mutually and reciprocally respectful way with fellow learners/ faculty members and other staff of the University.
  • Complete all necessary submissions such as assignments, projects, field work reports, dissertations, etc. as per the schedule of activities given in the programme guide of respective programme to achieve the expected goals of the programme.
  • Interact and treat the authorities and officials of the University at Headquarters with dignity and respect.
  • Actively participate in the academic activities such as self-study, counselling, seminars, field trips, practical sessions, extension activities, laboratory work, training sessions, term end examinations, etc. to acquire such knowledge, skills and attitude to achieve the expected learning outcomes/attributes of the concerned programme.
  • Give preference to digital means of learning by opting for online materials, online counselling and online support services to save environment and be energy efficient.
  • Follow the UGC regulations and University regulations on promotion of academic integrity and prevention of plagiarism in higher educational institutions.
  • Refrain from unauthorised video or audio recordings of the communication between the learners and University staff.
  • Refrain from participating in controversial issues that affect academic environment of the University.
  • Use IGNOU’s social media platforms/handles for academic purposes only.
  • Not harass or make false or malicious complaints or allegations against other learners or University staff.
  • Not involve in any verbal/physical abuse/criminal activities against the University staff and fellow learners.
  • Use institutional mechanisms to get the grievances redressed following administrative procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Not misuse the University infrastructure/IT facilities to resort to unlawful, unethical or anti-social behaviour.
  • Not smoke, use drugs/ alcohol, drink and drive in the Campus (Headquarters, Regional Centres, Regional Evaluation Centre, Learner  Support Centres, Overseas Study Centres, Examination Centres, etc.), damage the property of the University, steal or cause damage to University resources/Infrastructure and/ or unauthorized access to resources of the University.
  • Not attempt wrongful confinement of any member of the faculty, staff or student inside or outside the Campus. Not indulge in any kind of harassment including ragging/bullying inside or outside the Headquarters, Regional Centres, Regional Evaluation Centre, Learner Support Centres, Overseas Studies Centres and Examination Centres.
  • Never resort to use of unfair means during examinations and any other methods of assessment and evaluation.
  • Refrain from bribing/influencing the University staff to get undue advantage/ privileges/benefits.
  • Help the University improve its services by providing regular feedback.
  • Join the Alumni Association of IGNOU after completion of the study.

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