IGNOU BCA Syllabus 2022 IGNOU BCA Course, Syllabus, Fees

IGNOU BCA Syllabus 2022: The Bachelor’s degree of BCA that is offered by the IGNOU is one of the attractive options after 10+2.  Students who want to build a career in Computer applications should enrol in the BCA course. While IGNOU provided complete freedom to the students to finish the course as per their own timing.  The Bachelor of Computer Application course includes almost everything in brief so that students will have an overall better idea about everything.

The IGNOU BCA course is a complete 3-year degree program and can be done just after finishing the higher education i.e. 10+2.  While the course fees are very affordable i.e. Rs 30,00 only for the entire semester.  However, IGNOU provided a total of 6 years to finish the course in case students were not able to attend the exam for some reason.

IGNOU BCA Syllabus

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IGNOU 2022 BCA Course Details

Course Name Bachelor Of Computer Applications (BCA)
Duration Minimum – 3 Years Maximum – 6 Years
Course Fees Rs 30,000
Age No Limit
Eligibility 10+2
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There are a total of 6 semesters in the BCA course that starts with basic computer knowledge during 1st semester, followed by programming knowledge that includes C, Assembly Language,  Communication Skills etc.  
While 3rd and 4th semesters concentrate more on C++, Database management, Java, Web design that includes HTML, CSS etc. While recently IGNOU University updated its BCA Syllabus 2022 5th and 6th-semester syllabus and includes e-commerce and Web programming for 2022 and 2023 courses.

BCA Syllabus in First Semester

  1. Foundation course in English 2
  2. Business Organization
  3. Computer Basics and PC Software  Mathematics
  4. Computer Basics and PC Software Lab

BCA Syllabus in Second Semester

  1. Accountancy-1
  2. Problem Solving and Programming  Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Discrete Mathematics
  5. Language Programming Lab
  6. Assembly Language Programming Lab

BCA Syllabus in Third Semester

  1. Data and File Structures
  2. Introduction to Database Management Systems
  3. Systems Analysis and Design
  4. Programming in C++
  5. C++ Programming Lab
  6. Data and File Structures Lab
  7. DBMS Lab

BCA Syllabus in Fourth Semester

  1. Statistical Techniques
  2. Object-Oriented Technologies and Java Programming
  3. Fundamentals of Computer Networks  Introduction to Algorithm Design
  4. Internet Concepts and Web Design
  5. Java Programming Lab
  6. Statistical Techniques Lab
  7. Algorithm Design Lab

BCA Syllabus in Fifth Semester

  1. Introduction to Software Engineering  Network Programming and Administration
  2. Web Programming
  3. Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques
  4. Business Communication
  5. Network Programming and Administration Lab
  6. Web Programming Lab
  7. Computer Oriented Numerical
  8. Techniques Lab

BCA Syllabus in Sixth Semester

  1. E-Commerce
  2. Operating System Concepts and Networking Management
  3. Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Lab
  4. Project
Admission Helpline Number –  011-2957-2513
Email ID: ssc@ignou.ac.in

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