How to Check IGNOU Assignment Submission Status 2022

IGNOU Assignment Submission Status 2022: The IGNOU students now can check the assignment submission status for the 2022-2023 year online. Track the project and practicals Assignments using an online tool. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) sends the study materials to the homes of the students. As the students go through the books, the university asks them to write the Ignou Assignments in order to test their depth of understanding in various subjects of the course.

The students need to write and send the solved Assignments to IGNOU, where the Assignments get evaluated and results sent to the students. The students could check their assignment status online and know their grades or marks from the evaluated Assignments. As the norms go, the weightage or marks from the Assignments get added to the final results at the term-end examinations in the end. IGNOU University fixes the final grades in the subjects by adding the final marks with the marks from Assignments.



IGNOU Assignment Submission Status 2022

Stick to the dates for submission –  As a university, IGNOU sets strict deadlines for the submission of Assignments. The students need to finish writing the Assignments and submit before dates. IGNOU also gives an acknowledgement of receipt of assignment to the students. After those get evaluated, the results get published both offline and online. The final marks in the grade-card would continue to show ‘incomplete’ until the results from get added to the marks from final examinations.

Weightage Of IGNOU Assignment

30% weightage in final marks – When the final examination s taker place, the evaluated Assignments give 30% to the final gradation in the mark sheets. It means when the final grades get calculated, the score obtained from the final examination becomes 70% of the total score, while the evaluated Assignments give 30% support. Based on both these evaluations, the final marks get calculated.

IGNOU Assignment Status 2022 Online How to Check IGNOU Assignment Status 2022

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Check IGNOU Assignments Status 2022

There are two ways to check the Ignou assignment in the 2022 year – the 1st one is to login to the official site using this link  and with the help of ‘username’ and ‘password’ and check the status of your Assignments with the scores.

The alternate and easy way to track the status of Ignous assignment follow below tool and enter your 9 digit enrollment number.

What do the written Assignments need to contain?

In the written Assignments, the students need to clearly mention the following things;

  • Name
  • Enrollment number
  • Title of the programme or course
Title and code of the course
  • Date of submission
  • Signature of the candidate
  • Assignment’s code number
  • Attachment of copy of Assignments

Do not Forget Attach The Receipt to the Assignment

It is a mistake that many students commit at the time of submission. In the rush to submit Assignments, they forget to attach the receipt of Assignments, which IGNOU would acknowledge after receiving the Assignments.
This is the only proof that the students have submitted Assignments.  In case of any problem arising out of the submission of Assignments, the students could cross check with authority of IGNOU about the status of the Assignments on the basis of this receipt.

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