IGNOU Result June 2022 Check IGNOU TEE Exam Result Here - IGNOU Result 2022

Candidates must enter their 9-digit enrollment number in the Result login window available on the IGNOU website to view their IGNOU Result 2022

IGNOU Result 2022 - The IGNOU University takes the Term End Exams (TEE) in two phases: June Term End Examination and June Term End Examination. The IGNOU June Term End Examination is held in August, while the June Term End Examination is held in March. The IGNOU Result 2022 for the June Term End Examination is available on the official website of IGNOU University.

IGNOU candidates can check their IGNOU Result 2022 using the term end exam and practical marks. The percentage is calculated using the IGNOU Result 2022 and is based on 70% of term-end exams and 30% of practical marks. The IGNOU June 2022 Term End Examination Result will be issued separately for BCA/MCA/MPB/MP, BDP/BA/BCom/BSc/ASSO, and other programmes. If the IGNOU Result calculator 2022 displays incomplete information or omits some subjects, candidates should contact the officials of the IGNOU University.

IGNOU Result 2022

Latest Update 01-09-2022: IGNOU University Released the 4th result Update For June 2022 Term End Examination. Students whose result was pending till date can check their IGNOU Result with the given link: IGNOU Result 2022 

IGNOU Result 2022

The IGNOU Result includes information about a candidate's performance in the Term End Examination as well as assignment status. This includes the candidate's name, course code, programme, earned marks in the submitted assignment, theory marks, practical marks, and so on.

Candidates should be aware of the distinction between IGNOU Grades and IGNOU Results. The gradecard page only displays candidates' course information and Term End Examination scores, whereas the Result displays course information, assignment marks, Term End Examination theory marks, Term End Examination practical marks, and assignment marks. As a result, an IGNOU 2022 Result provides a more detailed account of a candidate's academic performance.

IGNOU Certificate Courses List 2022
IGNOU Master Degree Courses List 2022

How to Download IGNOU Result 2022?

IGNOU candidates must be familiar with the steps required to obtain an IGNOU Result from the university's website. Candidates must enter their 9-digit enrollment number in the Result login window available on the IGNOU website to view their IGNOU Result 2022.

  • Go to IGNOU's official website (ignou.ac.in)
IGNOU official website

  • Navigate to the candidate support' section and select the results tab

Navigate to the student support section and select the Results tab
  • On the left-hand side of the page, candidates must select the 'Result' option.

On the left hand side of the page candidates must select the grade card option
  • On the screen, the IGNOU Result window will appear. Candidates can choose their enrolled programme

Candidates can choose their enrolled programme
  • Choose a programme code
  • Candidates must enter their enrolment number in the appropriate field
  • Finally, click the' submit' button
  • The grade report will be displayed on the screen

Details mentioned on IGNOU Result 2022

Candidates are advised to double-check the following information on their IGNOU 2022 Result. If the information turns out to be incorrect, candidates must notify varsity officials immediately.

  • Name of the candidate
  • Name of the programme
  • Enrollment number
  • Course code
  • Laboratory marks
  • Term End theory marks
  • Status of the assignments
  • Term End practical marks
  • Assignment marks acquired
  • Assignment marks required

How to Obtain Duplicate IGNOU Result 2022?

To obtain a duplicate IGNOU Result, a fee of INR 250/- must be paid in the form of a DD. Please send the application form and DD to the following address:

The Registrar
(Candidate Evaluation Division)
IGNOU University
Block 12, Maidan Garhi
New Delhi-110 068

IGNOU Result Calculator 2022

The IGNOU 2022 Result calculator is used to calculate candidates' grades based on their term end and practical marks. According to the IGNOU Result calculator, the total marks of the candidates are the sum of 70% of the total marks scored in term end exams and 30% of the total marks scored in the assignment. The IGNOU Result calculator 2022 is based on a chart that aids in the assignment of grades to candidates.

IGNOU Result 2022 - Section-wise Weightage

Sections & Weightage
  • Term end examination theory 70%
  • Assignments 30%
For Example -
  • If a candidate scores 50 marks in term end examinations, then the candidate will be awarded 35 marks.
  • If a candidate scores 50 marks in assignments, then the candidate will be awarded 15 marks.
  • The total marks = 35 + 15 = 50.
  • To calculate the percentage, candidates have to add marks of all the subjects and divide it by 1200

IGNOU Revaluation Result 2022

The result of the IGNOU 2022 revaluation for June Term End Examination will be announced in May 2023. Candidates who are dissatisfied with their grades can apply for IGNOU revaluation by completing the IGNOU revaluation application form. Candidates must enter the code of the IGNOU course that they want to be re-evaluated as well as the marks they originally earned in it. They must pay the IGNOU 2022 revaluation fee of Rs 750 per course via online payment (debit card, credit card or net banking). The IGNOU 2022 revaluation result is available approximately 30 days after the result declaration.

Key Points about IGNOU Result 2022

After downloading the IGNOU Result 2022 from the official website, candidates must keep it with them.

IGNOU Results include information such as term-end examinations, practical marks, project marks, and assignment marks.

The IGNOU Result differs from the result in that it is a detailed statement of the candidate's academic performance, including assignment marks, term-end exam theory marks, term-end exam practical marks, and status (complete/not-complete). The IGNOU results, on the other hand, only include the marks earned by candidates in the term-end examinations.

If a candidate discovers an error on their IGNOU Result 2022, they must immediately contact university officials.

If the marks on the IGNOU result/Result do not correspond to the candidates' performance in the examinations, they can apply for IGNOU revaluation.

Candidates can re-evaluate their IGNOU Results by submitting a request to the evaluation centre along with a DD made payable to IGNOU.

IGNOU Results are only available in an online format.

Candidates should double-check all of the information on the Result.

If the candidate is satisfied with the result, he or she should print it and keep it for future reference.

Candidates can also apply for a duplicate Result by submitting a request and drafting a DD in the amount of Rs. 250 in favour of IGNOU, payable in Delhi.

In addition, candidates must contact the university if there is a discrepancy in their IGNOU Result 2022.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) - IGNOU Result 2022 (Updated): Check June & June Term End Examination Exam Results Here!

Question: Is it necessary to save the IGNOU Result 2022?

Answer: Yes, candidates should download the IGNOU 2022 Result and keep it for future reference.

Question: How does an IGNOU Result differ from an IGNOU Result 2022?

Answer: The IGNOU 2022 Result contains more details about the Term End Examination than the IGNOU Result 2022. The Result also includes information such as theory and practical marks, assignment status, and so on.

Question: When should the Candidate download the IGNOU 2022 Result ideally?

Answer: Candidates should download the Result within a few days of its announcement. They can, however, access it at any time by entering their enrollment number.

Question: Can the IGNOU Result 2022 be updated following revaluation?

Answer: Yes, the IGNOU 2022 Result is updated shortly after the results have been evaluated. Candidates must apply for revaluation online and pay a fee of INR 750 per course. The results of the revaluation will be available at least thirty days after the request is submitted. The form for requesting a revaluation will be available on the official website.

Question: What are the passing marks for the IGNOU Exam?

Answer: If a candidate took the IGNOU exam, he must have received at least 35 points in theory out of a possible 100 points and 50 per cent in assignment to be considered a pass.

Question: When will the IGNOU Result for Term End Examination June 2022 be made available?

Answer: The admit card will be available soon on the university's official website.

Question: What will be the method of distribution for the IGNOU 2022 Result?

Answer: The IGNOU University only publishes Results online. Candidates can obtain a copy by going to the official website.

Question: What credentials are required to access the IGNOU University Result?

Answer: To access the Result, candidates must enter their nine-digit enrollment number.

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