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IGNOU Solved Assignments 2022 Download - IGNOU Solved Assignments

IGNOU Solved Assignments 2022: India Gandhi National Open University is one of the best universities in India for distance education. Ignou was established in 1982, and now it’s one of the well-known universities in India. IGNOU University offers self-learning materials to their students and students need to study those themselves. Even students need to prepare assignments their selves without any guide. Assignments are the main part for Ignou students. A student can’t appear for an examination without submitting the assignments for that particular subject.

In Ignou University assignments carry thirty percentage weightage in each subject. Students need to obtain at least fifty per cent in assignments to be eligible for passing marks. These assignments contain the questions and activities related to the subject and students need to answer them on hard paper. IGNOU Assignments need to be submitted to Student’s study centre or they shall be sent correctly to the regional centre of the Student’s area. 

So here we are to help you out on this issue. On IGNOU Online we have shared Solved Assignments for all Ignou subjects, and we keep updating such stuff on a regular basis. You can bookmark our website for further reference if you want to download assignments in future then you can visit our website and download all assignments for free without even paying a single penny. 

We have provided all assignments in Hindi & English both versions with the latest updated stuff. In this post, we will share the direct download links of all assignments for IGNOU students.

IGNOU Solved Assignments

IGNOU Solved Assignments

It is necessary to submit the assignments before the submission date. You will receive a message on your mobile phone regarding assignment submission, and you will have to submit all your assignments before that due date. 

If you fail to submit the assignment for any particular subject before the submission date, then you will not be qualified in that particular subject. So make sure that you submit all your assignments before the submission last date. 

Your assignments carry thirty per cent of marks of your total marks for each subject. Assignments are considered as the best part of Indira Gandhi National Open University. Assignments are given the same importance as much as term-end exams in IGNOU university. So guys here we have shared the complete details about Assignments Submission and solved assignments.

How to Submit IGNOU Assignments

You will have to prepare your assignments manually on assignment papers. Once you prepare your assignments completely then, you need to submit them at your study centre. Follow below given the guide to know more about assignments submission.

  • You will have to attach the first page of IGNOU on all assignments. You can download the first page for IGNOU Assignments online, or you can get it from your study centre.
  • Now Make sure that you have two copies of your assignment’s first page. As the one page will be taken away by your study centre and another one will be sent to IGNOU’s regional centre for further process.
  • On the next page of your assignment, this information shall be mentioned Your name
  1. Course Code
  2. Enrollment number
  3. Regional study centre code
  4. Study centre code
  5. Your Residential address
  6. Your contact number
  • After that on the next page after this, you should attach the Question Paper of that particular assignment which you are going to submit.
  • Now make sure that you have answered all the questions properly, and you have written the question numbers properly.
  • Then you can add some references to let them know which kind of books you have used to prepare the assignments.
  • So finally double check your assignments and submit them at your study centre.
  • Finally, take the confirmation slip of your assignments submission for further reference.
  • That’s it, Now your assignments are submitted successfully.

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